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Maths is essential in many types of life and work, we aim to promote a life-long love for mathematics, where children have the confidence in their arithmatic skills, to reason mathematically and solve real-life problems across a range of contexts. Rich, meaningful experiences are provided and children are encouraged and challenged to reach their potential.
At Leintwardine the mastery approach adopted by our school supports a deep and sustainable understanding of maths, where concrete materials, pictorial representations and symbols are used to support children.
We use a variety of resources from ©White Rose and ©Maths Mastery from NCETM (National College for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics) to help structure the teaching and learning of maths through the school. 
In Early Years (the Reception year), the curriculum is organised along broad themes. You can see what maths looks like in Reception here.
You can find the expectations (from the National Curriculum) that children in each year group should be working towards and achieving by clicking on the year group number below: 

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Resources to help you and your child with maths
We have various resources to help our children and their families. We recognise the way we calculate might be different to what has been learnt by some of our parents and carers. Please click here for advice on the formal written methods we use to add, subtract, multiply and divide.
The vocabulary we expect our children to know and use confidently in their maths continues to develop. Please click here for a list of words which might be helpful to use with your children.
 Please ask in school for any help or support you need.