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Year 3/4 - Sharks

Welcome to Shark Class, Leintwardine Primary schools Year 3 & 4 class. Throughout the year we will be learning lots of fantastic things!  In Shark class, we encourage all of our children to take a large bite into their learning.  

Our class is taught by Mr Foreman and supported by Mrs Blatchford.  

Please check our page regularly to keep up to date with what we are getting up to in class as well as making sure that you are up-to-date with all the relevant information.

Times Tables Rock Stars -

Numbots -

Summer important information

Spring important information


Autumn 2 important information

PE Days: Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Homework: We have listened to your feedback about reading comprehension homework and we have decided to introduce Chilli homework. Chilli homework is a range of different challenges for you to try at home. Each challenge is worth a number of points which the children will collect to earn themselves in class rewards. We expect everyone to collect at least 10 points by the end of half term. You can post your work on SeeSaw or bring it into school. We will continue to hand out maths work every other week.

Reading: Please read daily and make sure any reading is recorded in the reading diaries (We really want to win the reading miles)

Times tables: We will be starting to work on all the times tables up to x12. For your child to make good progress, please practise regularly. In school, we will be playing lots of games and singing lots of songs to make it fun. 



We would like to congratulate all the children in Shark class on how amazing you have all been with your reading. You are all putting in lots of effort and seem to be enjoying our new quizzes. Keep up the good work! 

We are working really hard with our reading in Shark class. For children to make excellent progress in reading, they need to be reading for 20 minutes a day, this can be at any time of your day; breakfast, dinner, bath time, before bed, while you cook, any time! As a class we really want to win the reading miles competition each week, so we can get the Friday prize! To get miles we need parents signature in our reading diaries. Each signature is 10 miles!

As a school, we have started using 'Accelerated Reader' this is a system that improves our reading scheme through the school and allows children to take a 'quiz' once they have finished each book. 

Autumn 2

To start the half-term we will be reading some new short stories and writing reviews. We will follow this by writing a story for a book called 'Flood' which tells the story of a family who have their lives washed away by a flood. 

Autumn 1

To start the academic year, we will be focusing on spelling, punctuation and grammar. Following this, we will be writing a story about a video called 'Feast', which tells the tale of a dog and his meal.

Throughout the year we will be working hard with our spelling.


Autumn 2

The teachers in Shark class have been really impressed with how hard everyone has worked in maths lessons. This half-term, we will be focusing on multiplication and division. We will be taking our time to really concentrate on getting a sound understanding of multiplication and division. 

Autumn 1

We will start the half-term learning place value. For children to be able to learn the 'trickier' maths, they need a solid understanding of place value. Following this unit, we will be working on addition and subtraction. Finally, we will be starting to work on multiplication and division.


Autumn 2

Our new topic in Geography is 'Where would I like to live and why?' 

During this unit, we will be learning about the location, capitals and features of different countries around the World. We will also compare another country with our own.

Autumn 1

Our topic is 'Why does it always rain on me?'. In our topic, we will learn about the water cycle, states of matter, flooding and why water is precious. Hopefully, we won't get too wet! 


PE this half-term will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesdays, we are learning invasion games. We will learn how to play basket ball, hockey, tag rugby and ultimate frisbee. On Wednesdays, we will be doing RealPE, we will learn how to move our bodies and how to take part in team games. 


Autumn 2

This half-term we will be learning about staying safe in a digital world. We will learn about online safety, being kind online and how to maintain a healthy digital wellbeing. 

Autumn 1

Our unit in PSHE is VIPs (Very Important Persons), and it will focus on relationships we have with our VIPs. We will look at friendships, how friendships are formed and maintained, and the qualities of a good friend. We will then move on to learning about disputes and bullying and will address strategies for coping with each of these.


In computing this term, we are going to be learning about coding. We are going to investigate how and why people code programmes. We are going to use lots of different commands and actions to create our own programmes. On PurpleMash, we will be using 2Code. Feel free to practise the different skills at home. 

PurpleMash -


Autumn 2

Our new unit of work in RE is Incarnation. We are going to compare modern baptism to the baptism of Jesus. As a part of this, we are going to visit Leintwardine church to experience a baptism ceremony. We are also going to learn about the Trinity.

Autumn 1

For RE, we are going to learn about 'Creation'. We are going to find out how Christians believe the World was created. We will learn all about 'Creation' through songs, videos, art and Bible extracts. 


Autumn 2 (DT)

In D&T, we will be designing our torches. We will look at a range of existing products and learn about the features of torches. We will then create our own torches.

Autumn 1 (Art)

In art this term, we will be sculpting vases. We will be gathering inspiration from other artists designs and creating our own. We will look at a range of different sculpting techniques.

Keep an eye out here for any pictures of our creations.