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RISE (breakfast) and SHINE(afterschool)



Our breakfast and after-school provision is now in place. Please contact the office to book your child in. Rise is open at 8am and Shine currently runs until 4.30 (should demanded increase we are able to provide after school care until 5.30, please express an interest with the school office if you would be interested, as we will continue to monitor demand)

Breakfast Club- RISE - Takes place in the school hall, children sit around a table and have a choice of cereal, toast and other breakfast items. They then play board games and do activities. When school starts at 8.50 they are taken through to school and nursery.

After School -SHINE - This takes place in the school hall with a snack table and a relaxing area, children are able to choose the activities that take place on a day-to-day basis with favourites including outdoor games, lego, drawing, craft and board games. Children can also use this time to complete homework tasks.