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Curriculum Intent
At Leintwardine C of E primary school, building on our vision, we are dedicated to providing a stimulating, exciting environment that promotes a love of learning, develops children’s confidence and demonstrates respect and care for others. We want all our children to be happy and to do well. We want them to be able to take on challenges both today and in their futures. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills of all children regardless of their starting points. The curriculum follows the national curriculum, also taking into account the needs and interests of pupils, enabling them to grow happily, safely, academically and in responsibility.

Learners for the future
Our intent is to future-proof students. As educators, we are currently preparing our children for jobs that don’t exist yet, using technologies that haven’t been invented, in order to solve problems that we don’t even know of as problems yet. The speed of change in our world is hard to grasp. Our challenge is to equip children with the skills required to thrive in such a phenomenally fast-moving world. To succeed in the 21st century the most critical skill is being able to learn, the ability to be creative when faced with a problem and the social skills to interact with others.

Individuality of our Learners
Whilst pupil-led learning is at the heart of our curriculum, it is one strand amongst many that intertwine as strands in a rope. The purpose of our curriculum is to help every child find their element and the only way to do that is to ensure that each child has a broad and balanced curriculum. A broad and balanced curriculum takes the national curriculum as one ingredient, other ingredients include being a church school, developing global awareness and creative thinking.


Promoting independence
If pupils are to be successful learners they need to become independent, taking responsibility for their own learning over time. Pupils are taught to think about their own learning journey, we engage them in the process, through sharing of learning intentions, effective questioning techniques, creating criteria for success, and giving effective feedback and analysis of their own work.
We guide each child to have high personal aspirations and enable them to develop the knowledge skills and attributes needed to be effective citizens in an ever-changing world. We aspire for our children to be lifelong learners.

 Curriculum Review
Finally, our intent is that our curriculum is not something to be reviewed periodically. It is part of our school's regular cycling for improvement and renewal. Finding innovative ways to use the curriculum time available, is essentially a continual creative process. We experiment, explore, put into practise and review. Continual assessment of the needs of the children, their knowledge and understanding, current affairs and life experiences are used to refine the curriculum.