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Friends of Leintwardine School



Who are we?

We are a group of parents, carers and staff who offer their time and skills to raise funds to enhance our children’s educational environment and encourage closer links with the school. All proceeds go towards helping the children. Funds are raised either by in school events such as film night, recycling schemes, Bags 2 School, cake sales and scooters and ice cream evenings or by community events such as fetes, BBQs, discos and bingo nights. 


Our main aim is to use the funds raised to enhance the experiences of every child in the school, from improving sporting facilities to extending the range and access pupils have to resources.   In recent years we have bought new musical instruments as well as contributing to the cost of transport for school trips.   We have also paid for visits to the school by inspiring poets, puppet theatres and creative workshops.  Friends of School also pay the costs of the Christmas party for the children each year, as well as subsidising the cost of the Y6 leavers' hoodies which are presented with when they move on to pastures new.

We are aiming to raise as much as possible in this school year, as there are many exciting projects on our “to do” list! We have a calendar of events lined up which will be fun for everyone as well as raising money for the school. 


I am interested, when and where do we meet?
Being part of the committee is not a huge commitment and it is very rewarding as well as a great way to meet other parents and have fun being involved in our fundraising events.

We meet regularly each term and we try to alternate between daytime meetings at the School and evening meetings. We would welcome new members to our friendly team. You may only wish to be involved with one event throughout the year or just come along to find out what is coming up. We welcome any ideas you may have for fundraising events or activities.   Attending meetings isn't compulsory; you may wish to help out at events as and when you can. 

The Chair of the 'Friends' Laura can be contacted through the school office or through the Friends email address 

What else can you do to help?

Even if you don’t want to be a committee member, There are many ways you can help Friends. You can support Friends by:

  • Simply by turning up to some of the wonderful events that we are planning to run in the forthcoming year!
  • Making a donation! We are always extremely grateful for donations of any type, whether it be cash for our wonderful causes or a bottle or box of chocolates, or something else wonderful that we can use as prizes
  • Telling us what you would like! We would love to hear your ideas of any events you would like us to put on or, any fundraising ideas and opportunities that you may be aware of
  • Shopping! Yes, you can help raise funds for the Friends by simply registering with! You simply go to their site, register once, then choose who you want to shop with and away you go! You do not pay any additional costs or expenses it is simply the case that the shops will pay a small commission back to the Friends out of what you spend – they don’t tell us what you bought of course and all your private information stays safe and confidential! Believe us, it may only be a few pennies at a time, but it really does mount up quickly!

Committee Members 2023-24

Chair - Laura - Mum to Euan (Reception) Eila (Year 2) and Aoife (year 4) 

Vice Chair - Nina Mum to Emmie (Year 4) 

Secretary - Kate Mum to Alfie (year 4) and Millie (year 2) 

Treasurer - Nicola Mum to Wills (Nursery) and Daisy (year 1) 


The 'Friends of Leintwardine School' have a Facebook page