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  • Snow Day - no school today but lots of fun!

    Published 10/03/23, by Nicola Gorry

    Snowy Fun 

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  • A Busy Day

    Published 05/11/22, by Nicola Gorry

    The phone rings! 

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  • October Half Term Break

    Published 25/10/22, by Nicola Gorry
    During my half-term break I took a trip to the Llŷn Peninsula in North Wales, it was a fabulous trip and the weather was lovely.  I loved playing on the beach and visiting new places.  We visited a beach called Whistling Sands which re
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  • Summer News 2022

    Published 17/08/22, by Nicola Gorry

    Summer News 2022

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  • Lockdown Life

    Published 26/03/20, by Nicola Gorry

    We must all stay at home! 

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  • A day in school

    Published 23/03/20, by Juniper Education

    School Dog Life! 


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  • A day at work!

    Published 13/03/20, by Nicola Gorry

    Responsible dog owners! 

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  • My first School Dog job!

    Published 26/02/20, by Nicola Gorry

    My first trip to school in my official role! 

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