Our value of the month is - Compassion

Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!


Head Teacher :       Mrs Nicola Gorry

SENDCo:         Mrs Nicola Gorry 

Responsibility for LAC and Post LAC : Mrs Nicola Gorry

School Business Manager     
& Nursery Administrator:       Mrs Elaine Price  

Admin Assistant:                   Mrs Fiona Taylor


Seahorse Class                                Mrs N Gorry and Miss L Bowen 

Starfish Class                               Mrs Emma Stead 

(Year 1 and Year 2)                       Mrs D Milward                      

Turtle Class                                       Mr Christopher Foreman  
(Year 3 and Year 4)             

Stingray Class                                       Mrs Claire Morris
(Year 5 and 6)              

Teaching Assistants
Mrs C Blatchford 
Mrs D Higgins
Miss K Nicholls
Mrs Sue Webster (part time)
Miss S Jones

Mrs F Waters

Miss H Knight

Guitar Teacher                     Dr. Mark Richards

Lunchtime Supervisors        
Mr Alan Pearson
Mrs Sue Webster
Mrs Fiona Taylor

Ms Gemma Ruff

Mrs Becky Cramp

Ms Yvonne Williams