Term Ends on Friday the 16th of July - We have lots of exciting things planned before then!

Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!


Head Teacher :       Mrs Nicola Gorry

SENDCo:         Mrs Nicola Gorry 

Responsibility for LAC and Post LAC : Mrs Nicola Gorry

School Business Manager     
& Nursery Administrator:       Mrs Elaine Price  

Admin Assistant:                   Mrs Fiona Taylor


Seahorse Class                                Mrs Claire Cadwallader 

Starfish Class                               Mrs Emma Stead 

(Year 1 and Year 2)                          Mrs Nicola Gorry   (Wednesday and Thursday p.m.)                          

Turtle Class                                       Mr Christopher Foreman  and Mrs Donna Milward 
(Year 3 and Year 4)             

Stingray Class                                       Mrs Claire Morris
(Year 5 and 6)              

Teaching Assistants
Mrs Carol Blatchford 
Mrs Dawn Higgins
Miss Kelly Nicholls
Mrs Sue Webster (part time)
Ms Vicky Redfern (part time)

Guitar Teacher                     Dr. Mark Richards

Lunchtime Supervisors        
Mr Alan Pearson
Mrs Sue Webster
Ms Vicky Redfern
Mrs Fiona Taylor

Ms Gemma Ruff

Mrs Becky Cramp

Ms Yvonne Williams