The Summer Term starts on Monday the 19th of April.



Welcome back to a new school year! It is lovely to have the children back in school and they are clearly thrilled to be back. We look forward to working alongside you this year to help your child be the best they can be. 


This half term, PE ready days will be on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. We will be concentrating on football on Tuesdays and Athletics on Thursdays.


Homework will be set on a Monday to be handed in the following Monday. Every other week, your child will bring home either their maths workbook or their reading comprehension workbook. We will highlight which activities are to be completed.


Froggy maths will also be tested on a Wednesday. Please practice with your child throughout the week. Times table knowledge is vital for the maths curriculum.


Your child's spelling list will be reviewed every Friday. This will be done in the same style as with Froggy Maths (snappy title pending!). We have decided to do this in order to help the children learn words that they use frequently within their work. Spelling that are connected to the rules that we teach as part of the curriculum will be learned within lessons. 


Please remember to name your child’s jumpers. Children need a named water bottle and waterproof coat with them in school everyday as, due to our new routines, the children will be required to go outside in all weathers. 



In English this term we will be starting with looking at a short film called ’Feast and joining in with some interactive lessons. We will be following this with looking at ‘The Stone Age Boy’ in connection with our topic.



In Maths this term, we will be developing our knowledge and understanding in place value, addition and subtraction then moving onto multiplication and division before Christmas. It is essential that children are actively working on their rapid recall of their times tables throughout the year as this will help them in all areas of the subject.



During the first half term our science topic will be rocks and soils. We will be looking at different types of rock and how they are formed as well as carrying out experiments to identify their characteristics.

In the second half term we will be completing a unit on Animals and Humans, focussing on nutrition, the skeleton and our muscles.



Topic this term will be ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’. Within the topic we will be looking at the differences and similarities of the lives of those living between these periods including homes, lifestyles and monuments that are still visible today.

Our art and design will be topic related and we will be looking at cave art, making bell beaker pots, silhouettes of Stonehenge and Celtic designs. 


Topic Tasks

These are optional tasks that the children may want to complete in connection with our topic. 

· Design and make an ancient stone circle or a replica of Stonehenge. Be creative!

· Write your own recipe for a stone age dinner using the sort of ingredients that would be available to them. You could always make it too!

· Make up a quiz with facts about The Stone Age. Make sure you also have the answers!

· Write your own stone age story, it can be about anything you like. Use cave art pictures to illustrate the story.

· Imagine that you have been whisked back in time to Pre-historic Britain. You have been allowed to take one person or one object from 2020. What or who would you take and how would you explain your choice?


Thank you for your support and please don't hesitate to speak to us if you have any concerns,

Mr Foreman, Mrs Milward, Mrs Higgins and Mrs Webster