Our Christian Value for this half term is Justice - 'Letting Our Light Shine'

Technology outside of school

Firefighters use walkie-talkies to communicate.
The Lion uses technology to sell drinks...
... and to track bookings of rooms/tables.
The garage uses CCTV to watch the forecourt.
This new sign tells users the prices & advertises.
The pumps can calculate the amount of fuel.
The shop uses a till to take money for goods.
It also has a lottery ticket machine.
A cash machine can give people money.
We served real customers.
The video from the CCTV can be watched on a screen
The library uses technology too.
You can search the library catalogue.
The computer tracks books borrowed.
A barcode reader can read information.
We tried it out.
This technology changes the hall into a cinema.
The projector puts images in the screen.
We visited the Old School Room too
Mr Stead has a bat detector to listen to bat calls
We tried it out
He has a high-powered torch
This camera takes pictures of nocturnal animals