Our Christian Value for this half term is Justice - 'Letting Our Light Shine'


Nganana Primary School


Our school is fortunate to be linked to Nganana Primary School in the Arusha district of Tanzania. Whenever possible, the children write letters to the pupils at Nganana School and are pleased to receive letters in return. They learn about each other’s countries and cultures as well as sharing jokes and football stories!

Teachers from schools in Tanzania have visited us here in Leintwardine. The last visit was in July 2015 when we welcomed several teachers including the Headteacher from Nganana School.

In February 2014, Mrs Morris visited Nganana School through a Connecting Classrooms project and in February 2015 Mrs Brandrick visited, take a look at the photographs from her trip.

Mr Pallangyo enjoyed visiting our school
Mr Samwel Pallangyo, the Headteacher
Mr Pallangyo in a classroom
The school garden
More tree planting
Planting trees - this was our joint project
Children saying prayers just like us
Mrs Mringo talking to the pupils
Mrs Mringo reading one of our letters
The children clean the school before lessons
Mrs Janet Mringo, the Headteacher until 2012
The school bell
A classroom
One of our friends at the school
Mrs Brandrick and our Tanzanian visitors