This half term we are thinking about our 4 core values - Kindness, Resilience, Wisdom and Community


Friday Maths...There are Addition and Subtraction Assessment Tasks to complete. These are also on Seesaw but they are here too if you prefer to print out the Word docs.

Friday's English Tasks are on Classroom Secrets Kids. There is work about Antonyms and Synonyms for the Year 6s. Watch the tutorial video first please. 
Year 5s, you are recapping on Relative Clauses. Please make sure that you also watch the tutorial video before starting on the other assigned tasks.


Also, please make sure that you have finished all of the Silent Letters Spelling Sheets.

Friday Science Comprehension Style...Choose your level wisely (3 starred levels)

Hi Stingrays,
Hopefully (fingers crossed) if you Login to Classroom Secrets, you will be able to complete some of the Maths Activities that I have assigned to you. 
Have fun!
All Thursday Tasks are also on Seesaw.

POETRY WRITING TASK...Last week we wrote poems about God. You had the choice to write either a Haiku, a Cinquain or an Acrostic poem. Today I would like you to write one based on our WW1 learning. You can pick any topic that we have covered.

Thursday Maths Task for Everyone