Our value of the month is - Forgiveness


Our Residential Visit is fast approaching... 9th-11th June 2021. Here are some information pages to help you to prepare. Check your emails for information re. payments



Our Key Stage 2 'bubble' system continues. The staff working in our classroom at present, are myself, Mrs Blatchford and Mr Foreman (Wednesday pm). Mr Pearson joins us a lunchtimes.



You will find a download above, detailing the learning that we will be doing in all core subjects this term. We are doing our best to check that any 'Covid 19 Home Learning Gaps' are filled and then pushing on with this term’s learning. Our topic is RIVERS. We will learn about famous rivers around the world, about river systems and features of a river, and we will also learn in more detail, about the river Teme. This is a fabulous topic, lending itself to some fun fieldwork and some great writing opportunities, so I’m looking forward to the children producing some brilliant work. You will also find a timetable on the Summer Information Sheet, telling you what our day looks like at the moment.

Please try to talk to your child about what they have been learning, on a regular basis.



Our usual reward schemes are in place. Individual good work and effort are rewarded by House Points and Raffle Tickets (half termly prizes)...Whole class magnificence earns marbles in the 'Marble Jar' which leads to a whole class treat once the jar is full. Celebration Assemblies are back along with the Medal of Marvellousness, which will be presented weekly to an extra special Stingray.



As the children near the top of the school, and a subsequent move to High School approaches for some, we try really hard to help them to become more independent. Therefore, THEY need to be responsible for having the right equipment in school each day and THEY need to make sure that they meet deadlines regarding Homework. It would however perhaps be useful for parents to be aware of these requirements, just to give some of them a nudge in the right direction initially! These are mentioned on my Summer Newsletter (which is available on this page), but here they are again, just to make sure!

  • Stingrays need to come to school 'PE Ready' on Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Table Genius Sheets come home on a Monday. There is a daily homework task and then they need to be handed in on Friday. A test will take place on a Friday to see if all the hard work has paid off!
  • Spelling Lists. Children are given their weekly spelling list, in a small yellow  book, on a Monday. They complete a daily spelling activity in class to help with the learning of the rule and the words. The list then comes home for a final polish over the weekend, ready for a spelling test on a Monday. The test is completed in the spelling book, so you will be able to keep a check on how well your child is doing...
  • Weekly Homework Task...this is currently a Reading Comprehension style task. It is sent home (in a purple book) on a Monday and needs to be handed in the following Monday morning. Children are encouraged to ask for help on a Tuesday or Wednesday if the are struggling with the task set.
  • Your child will bring home a Reading Book and their Reading Record everyday. Please make sure that they read every evening . There is a section in the Record for a parent to comment- if you could do this once a week, that would be great. IT IS VITAL THAT READING BOOKS AND RECORDS ARE IN SCHOOL EVERYDAY PLEASE.
  • A water proof coat and a water bottle are also required everyday please.