This half term we are thinking about our 4 core values - Kindness, Resilience, Wisdom and Community


Easter Holiday Challenges

Home Learning Day Two - Friday 20th March 2020

Home Learning Day One Thurs 19 March

1. Spelling yr 2 ... write 2 sentences that need an apostrophe for possession e.g. The cat’s eyes are dazzling green.   Spelling year 1... how many words can you write that have the prefix un-

2. English... draw and label an alien using lots of awesome adjectives. Turn your labels into a piece of writing that starts like this One day  Bob looked down the crater and couldn’t believe his eyes. There was an alien down there! It was...

3. Maths - use a ruler or tape to measure 10 things in your house in cm. You can also find some measuring challenges in your 2do area of Purplemash

4. For the afternoon... draw or paint a picture that includes lots of the signs of spring we found on our walk 

5. To get you moving


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