Our value of the month is - Friendship

School Council

This year we will be holding a full democratic election with voting booths, ballot boxes, manifestos and canvasing.  We will let you know soon, about the successful candidates.  


Our School Councillors this year are:


Dragonflies - Year 6 representative is Robin, he will take a member of the class to each meeting.


Kingfishers - Elliot and Hollie


Otters - Rufus and Billie


Herons - Connie and Evan
This year we will be:  


  • Deciding how to raise money for charities.
  • Sorting out the Huff and Puff playtime equipment.
  • Also each week we will look in the 'School Council box' to see if anyone has sent us a message. We will try to solve any problems too!
  • Organising some Eco days.