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Reading in Ladybird Class

Reading in Ladybirds Class


Earlier this year the Department for Education published a new Reading Framework which has led to national changes in approaches to reading.  A significant change for our school is the way in which we 'level' and assign individual reading books for children.

Children must be taught all the phoneme/grapheme correspondences they will encounter in a book before they are assigned that book to read.  This means that many of our books are unsuitable for year 1 children as they weren't written with this in mind.  We have purchased many new books called "Rhino Readers" which align with our phonics scheme and have re-assigned as many of our old books as we can to these new levels.  

Your child will have met every sound and tricky word in the book they bring home so should not need you to 'teach' them any new words or sounds. You may however need to prompt or encourage if your child struggles to recognise certain graphemes within particular words.

The aim is for all children to become fluent, expressive, confident readers.  They will keep their book for one week and should it read it several times in order to build that fluency, expression and confidence.  On Mondays, an adult will support children with changing to a new suitably levelled book.

Another key aim of the new reading framework is to develop a lifelong love of reading for pleasure.  To support this, children will have access to many wonderful books in the classroom; they will be read to, solely for pleasure for 10 minutes in school every day; and they will also have the opportunity to choose a library book to share with an adult over the course of the week.

We will continue to listen to children read in guided groups to develop phonetic skills alongside other reading strategies and you will see when this happens by a stamp in their reading diary.  We will also discuss the book in lots of detail to develop comprehension skills including prediction and inference.

Children who require extra support to reach age-expectations in reading will also read individually with adults whenever possible.

Year 2 children who have passed the phonics screening test will continue to use the book banding system as they did last year but these will be supplemented by some 'phase 6' books from the Rhino Readers scheme.

If you have any questions please get in touch via Seesaw.

Mrs Stead and Miss Cornes