Our Christian Value for this half term is Perseverance

Nursery Gallery

Physical Development

Physical Development 1 We used our brushes to make gross motor markings.
Physical Development 2 Up and down, up and down.
Physical Development 3 We enjoy making marks together.
Physical Development 4 We like to practice our balancing.
Physical Development 5 We experiment stepping up and down.
Physical Development 6 Balancing helps develop our core strength.


Maths  1 Exploring numerals in the environment.
Maths  2 Ordering items by height.
Maths  3 Recording our findings.
Maths  4 Creating particular two shape patterns.
Maths  5 Number formation.

Expressive Art and Design

Expressive Art and Design 1 Creating representations of ourselves.
Expressive Art and Design 2 Exploring colour.
Expressive Art and Design 3 Experimenting with colours and marks.
Expressive Art and Design 4 The effects of making movements which leave marks.

Understanding the world

Understanding the world 1 Gathering natural items.
Understanding the world 2 Exploring the world around us during Autumn time.
Understanding the world 3 Looking at textures.
Understanding the world 4 Mark making in the environment.
Understanding the world 5 Investigating a pumpkin.
Understanding the world 6 Using our magnify glasses to look more closely.
Understanding the world 7 Using tools and utensils.

People who help us

People who help us 1 We had a visit to the fire station.
People who help us 2 We tried on the firefighters uniform.
People who help us 3 We had a turn in the fire engine.
People who help us 4 We have been putting out our own fires at nursery.
People who help us 5 We sprayed the water using the hose.
People who help us 6 We enjoyed a visit from our local police.
People who help us 7 We tried on the police officers uniform.
People who help us 8 We tried on some hats.
People who help us 9 We had a look in the police car.