Our Christian Value for this half term is Justice - 'Letting Our Light Shine'

Nursery Gallery

Physical Development

Physical Development 1 We used our brushes to make gross motor markings.
Physical Development 2 Up and down, up and down.
Physical Development 3 We enjoy making marks together.
Physical Development 4 We like to practice our balancing.
Physical Development 5 We experiment stepping up and down.
Physical Development 6 Balancing helps develop our core strength.
Physical Development 7 Having fun on the swings.
Physical Development 8 Climbing confidently showing great control.
Physical Development 9 Experimenting with different ways of moving.


Maths  1 Exploring numerals in the environment.
Maths  2 Ordering items by height.
Maths  3 Recording our findings.
Maths  4 Creating particular two shape patterns.
Maths  5 Number formation.

Expressive Art and Design

Expressive Art and Design 1 Creating representations of ourselves.
Expressive Art and Design 2 Exploring colour.
Expressive Art and Design 3 Experimenting with colours and marks.
Expressive Art and Design 4 The effects of making movements which leave marks.
Expressive Art and Design 5 Experimenting with colours.
Expressive Art and Design 6 Noticing the effects of mark making.
Expressive Art and Design 7 Mixing colours.
Expressive Art and Design 8 Working together to create.
Expressive Art and Design 9 Using our senses to experiment.
Expressive Art and Design 10 Noticing our markings.
Expressive Art and Design 11 Experimenting using our feet.

Understanding the world

Understanding the world 1 Gathering natural items.
Understanding the world 2 Exploring the world around us during Autumn time.
Understanding the world 3 Looking at textures.
Understanding the world 4 Mark making in the environment.
Understanding the world 5 Investigating a pumpkin.
Understanding the world 6 Using our magnify glasses to look more closely.
Understanding the world 7 Using tools and utensils.
Understanding the world 8 Being proud of our achievements picking beans.
Understanding the world 9 Our vegetable garden.
Understanding the world 10 Using our senses to explore.
Understanding the world 11 Taking care of our very own carrot seeds.
Understanding the world 12 Helping to take care of our Beautiful garden.
Understanding the world 13 Showing care and concern for living animals.
Understanding the world 14 Observing and showing care for baby animals.
Understanding the world 15 Exploring the environment.
Understanding the world 16 Mark making in the environment.
Understanding the world 17 Out and about within the community.
Understanding the world 18 Noticing letters and numbers around the village.
Understanding the world 19 Visiting our Village church.
Understanding the world 20 Gathering natural items.
Understanding the world 21 Collecting natural items.

People who help us

People who help us 1 We had a visit to the fire station.
People who help us 2 We tried on the firefighters uniform.
People who help us 3 We had a turn in the fire engine.
People who help us 4 We have been putting out our own fires at nursery.
People who help us 5 We sprayed the water using the hose.
People who help us 6 We enjoyed a visit from our local police.
People who help us 7 We tried on the police officers uniform.
People who help us 8 We tried on some hats.
People who help us 9 We had a look in the police car.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 1 Showing interest in the Chinese lion dance.
Chinese New Year 2 Looking more closely at the Lion costumes.
Chinese New Year 3 Dressing up.
Chinese New Year 4 Tapping out a beat.
Chinese New Year 5 Taking turns to dress up.