This half term we are thinking about our 4 core values - Kindness, Resilience, Wisdom and Community

Aspiration Week

’It is important to work hard’, a phrase often used in a primary school. We decided that we wanted to demonstrate the wonderful careers on offer in the locality and that finding something that you enjoy to do and working at it can often turn in to a career.  One of the things that we all want for our children is for them to end up doing a job that they love!  


During June we invited a number of visitors into our school to talk about what they do. These included...

Tickle Tots  - an ecologically responsible reusable nappy company run by Sophia and Jade.

Andy Link from the Riverside Restaurant and Hotel

Dan from Renewable Energy

Reverend Catling 

Emma Gorbutt - Parish Councillor 

Will Lewellyn ’Biogas’

Tammy ’Wild Bunch’ florist

Merry Morris - language teacher

Paul Cooper James - musician and composer

Tracy Edwards - Fire Service

Steph - Police Officer

Ryan - Teme Ecology

Mark Gorry - Burroghs Associates - civil and structural engineers


We would like to thank all of the enthusiastic and inspiring visitors for giving up their time to come and talk to the children.  Aspirations are certainly running very high at Leintwardine Primary School now!


We also sent a group of our children out to watch the Womens cycling tour’ which rank through Knighton, they were escorted by Mr Womack a keen cyclist and competitor. 


Another amazing opportunity was the chance to go to the church during the week to see and hear two musicians who were on a world tour.  Caroline Greenwood and Claire Kennedy played flute and harp for us in our own private concert at at Mary Magdalene Church!  


Thank you to all involved for arranging these wonderful opportunities.