Our Christian Value for this half term is Justice - 'Letting Our Light Shine'

Daily Learning Tasks

Summer Term!


Miss Nicholls and I have really enjoyed seeing your great learning, pictures and comments on Seasaw.  We have now added a blog to Seasaw so you will be able to see what your friends have been doing too!


Remember to keep doing your best for Mum and Dad – continue to show them how clever you are! 


Be helpful and have fun, and be especially kind to your family. 


Lots of love

Mrs C xx

Week 5 - Tuesday's activities

Apologies!  The 'flash cards' and 'look say cover' sheet are in a different format when viewed on an ipad.  You can easily make your own flash cards by cutting up paper and writing one sound or word on each, please use lower case letters.  Thanks x  

Week 2 - Thursday's Activities