Our Christian Value for this half term is Justice - 'Letting Our Light Shine'

Castles Trip March 2019

More photos..

Let's have a banquet!
The old fireplace
The deep, dark well
What a view!
Old, old stairs
We climbed to the top of the tower!
beds were much shorter in the old days...
but don't demonstarte this...
or you may fine several kingfishers in with you
It's a long way down!
It was windy at the top.
Off to Croft
Croft Castle
We practised sitting like ladies
Miss Walton dressed up as a teacher
We tried on old clothes
The castle play area was fabulous!

Stokesay and Croft Castles March 2019

A Kingfisher banquet
Exploring the Great Hall
Looking down the well...
... the deep, dark, well
Castles had fires to keep warm
Birthday Twins
On our way to the cellar
Do you know what this was used for?
We're the kings of the castle....
We made it to the VERY top!
The stairs were dark, winding and uneven
The gatehouse
A very lovely bunch!
Castle fun