This half term we are thinking about our 4 core values - Kindness, Resilience, Wisdom and Community

Ben's Blog = School Dog

August 2022


I was not in school much at the end of the summer for a couple of reasons, one was that the weather was incredibly hot ( it got up to 39`C) too hot for dogs anyway.  The children managed to stay at school and keep learning though.  The other reason was that I have been having a few problems with my leg. I do not know if you recall but right at the beginning of the first Covid lockdown, I ruptured my cruciate ligament(one of the key ligaments that help stabilize the knee joint) this meant that I had to have an operation on my left leg.  Well, that one fixed really well, so when the same thing happened in my right leg I had to go for a second operation at the vet.  They were so good to me and it is now a week later and I am already feeling so much better! Like all patients, I have been demanding extra treats (especially sausages). The only problem is that I keep trying to take off the plaster that is covering my stitches.  


Anyway, the good news is that if I carry on getting better I will be able to get back into school and spend time with the children.  I have missed hearing the children read and learning lots of new information.  

Wednesday the 18th of August


There are two weeks left of the summer holiday and I have a little camping trip planned.  So I am looking forward to that.  Today was a good day as I got a very special present, some school uniform to try on just like all the children! It is a very special and smart new bandana for school.  I think I will look just the part!  So a big thank you to my Grandma for making it for me! It even slides on and off my collar so that it can go in the washing machine! 


Earlier in the holiday I had a fabulous trip to the seaside for a few days and had so much fun playing in the sea, all the humans kept going out in the surf, I am more of a rockpool kind of dog! 


Like all the teachers and children I am really looking forward to going back to school but I am also a little bit concerned about it.  It has been a long time and I really want to make sure everyone stays safe.  I know that all the staff have been working hard to get the classrooms ready and making lots of plans on how we can do everything.    I just remember what Mrs Gorry always says that 'it is for the grown-ups to do the worrying and for us to be having the fun!' 


So here are my top tips for feeling safe going back to school -

  • Make sure you have a named water bottle ( arrive at school with it full up) 
  • Arrive at the right time - your grown-ups will have had a letter
  • Do not bring lots of stuff with you, just the things in the letter 
  • Make sure you have read the COVID home school agreement
  • Smile!  It will be lovely to see al your friends and to get back to some great learning and fun! 🐾



Saturday 1st August


Well school finished and it sounds like the year 6 got a great send off,  I was not allowed to go along as they would all stroke me and I am still not supposed to do much running around.
My leg is much better and I am back to my normal self again now.  My hair grew back and you cannot even see my very macho scar on my leg,  it’s the left one in case you are wondering!  I did get a new bed and lots of extra sausages so it all worked out alright.  I am really missing my job at school but I am trying to help Mrs Gorry relax as it is now the summer holidays, when she goes to her office I sometimes go too to keep her company,  she must get lonely with no lovely school children about!  

Anyway I am hoping for a trip to the beach soon and if I go I will get them to take a picture of me to show you!  Have a great summer holiday and remember to wash your hands and to stay safe,  oh and help your grown ups with a few jobs,  I helped Mrs G mow the lawn today,  she really loves it when I place my ball just in front of where she wants to mow next! 🐾

May 20th  June 2020


Well, we are still here and no one except Mrs. G seems to be going to work and school.  This has been very good because I did have to go to the V-E-T for my sore leg.  I had some magical photos taken, you can see my bones.  I had snapped a ligament in my knee, but the tricky thing was that when they listened to my heart they found out that I have a heart murmur.  That means I sometimes cough.  My family just thought it was a bad habit!  It is fine because I can take some tablets and it will make me better.  


So I then went for an operation to fix my knee, it was very sore and I had an amazing scar which I was very proud of.  They have tied my knee joint together and it felt better quite quickly.   I was not allowed any walks and I had to take quite a few tablets.  The grown-ups try to hide the tablets in cheese, sausage, meat and lots of other things, they think that I don't know what they are up to, but I do! 


My leg was just about to heal and all of a sudden I was taken back to the vet and they had to fix it again.  Now I have to wear a ridiculous collar to stop me licking my leg!  Check it out in the photos! 

25th March 2020


Well, it has been an interesting time, on the 20th of March my job as a school dog came to a bit of a standstill.  The children are not going to school due to a nasty disease called COVID-19 and  I am now at home with Mrs Gorry and the rest of my family.   It is lovely to see them but normally when I am not in school I am at home having some peace and quiet.  There is not much peace and quiet anymore, there are pieces of furniture moving around to make everyone an office.  


I have a bit of a sore leg and I heard Mrs G mention the V E T-word and I don't go there often but I don't think I like it there.  I am hoping it gets better.   I am going on a lot of walks as everyone of the humans in my house seems to want to take me for a walk.  

Tuesday 10th March

Today I spent most of the day in school and it was lovely to go into the hall and meet all the children at Collective Worship time!  They talked all about me and I had the chance to go round and say hello to all the children! 

Later on, I heard the Nursery children singing that they wanted a dog, so I popped in to hear their singing and to meet them!  


I have found a special spot under the desk to sleep and I managed to convince Mrs Morris to give me a considerable number of biscuits at lunchtime!  


I had a special chat to one of my school mates from Stingray class after lunch, they were a bit sad and this gave me the perfect opportunity to sneak up for a fuss.  What a treat coming to school is!   


Wednesday 26th February


Another great afternoon in school for me today!  I met a lady who came to talk to Mrs Gorry about the problem with dog poo around the village.  The school council have plans to be proactive and have sent out some letters to people in the community that might be able to help! It made me sad that a few owners are causing this problem for the children at school.  It is horrible to think of children getting dog dirt on their shoes on the way to school.  


Later I had a walk with two of the year 6 children and spent some time with the teachers at lunchtime.  Reverend Mike came into school this afternoon, so many things to learn and people to learn things from in school today.  


I found a cozy spot under the desk and even managed to squeeze in a little nap! 

Monday 24th February 2020

Today I had my first visit to school.  I was lucky enough to be given the chance to go in the Learning Pod and to read with some of the Starfish class!  It was a great treat to have stories read to me and all the children were really friendly when I went out to play! 

I am Ben the dog and I am really looking forward to spending time in school and getting to know the children and the teachers.