Our Christian Value for February is Peacefulness

Winter Walk

We walked to Culain's garden to look at how animals survive the cold winter.
Picture 1 A swallows nest.
Picture 2 Pheasant eggs.
Picture 3 We made noises like barn owls.
Picture 4 A barn owl.
Picture 5 Bats curl up to keep warm when they hibernate.
Picture 6 Ladybirds hibernating in the top of a bee hive.
Picture 7
Picture 8 A moth has laid eggs, they will sleep till spring.
Picture 9 Bees stay in the beehive where it is warm.
Picture 10 Bees on warm days will eat honey from this comb.
Picture 11 They will collect nectar from these yellow flowers
Picture 12 Honey! Yum yum!!
Picture 13 A robin's nest in an old teapot.