Our Christian Value for September is 'Friendship'

Shakespeare Rocks - Our Summer production 2014

The whole school took part in this brilliant musical. The children in Class 4 took the lead roles and played to packed audiences.
Well done children and staff for putting on such a fantastic show - what a talented lot we are!
Picture 1 William Shakespeare & friend
Picture 2 Men dressed as women so they could be actors
Picture 3 The narrators
Picture 4 Rapping minstrels - cool dudes!
Picture 5 The selection committee
Picture 6 Queen Elizabeth
Picture 7 Two of Will's friends
Picture 8 Sshh! Don't mention... Macbeth
Picture 9 Building The Globe
Picture 10 More builders
Picture 11 Musicians
Picture 12 Macbeth and friends
Picture 13 Romeo and Juliette
Picture 14 Minstrels
Picture 15 William is sooo handsome!
Picture 16 The witches