Our Christian Value for September is 'Friendship'

Our RE Day about Celebration

What a great way to start the new school year! We had a wonderful day working together and learning about how different religions celebrate at naming ceremonies and weddings.
The children benefitted from working in mixed age 'House' groups and there was a lovely 'learning buzz' throughout the day.
Classes 1 and 2 learned about a Christian Baptism first. They went to Leintwardine Church and found out about the Christening Ceremony. 'Baby' Sophie was baptised with proud 'parents' and 'Godparents' taking leading roles.
Back at school, the children learned about a Jewish naming ceremony, planting a tree to commemorate a new life. They also did some beautiful artwork to go with their work on Muslim naming ceremonies.
Classes 3 and 4 learned all about how different religions celebrate weddings. There were 4 different workshops:
Christian weddings - the children looked at a selection of wedding dresses and wrote their own wedding vows.
Muslim weddings - the children decorated hands with intricate designs
Sikh weddings - the children made sweets called Barfi and decorated boxes to put them in. 
Hindu weddings - the children explored Rangoli patterns and made their own to bring  them good luck!
We hope you enjoy looking at our display of work in the hall and looking at the photos below.  
Picture 1
Picture 2 Mixing and stirring
Picture 3 Everyone working together
Picture 4 Yum!
Picture 5 Decorating hands with henna patterns
Picture 6 Decorated boxes for sweets
Picture 7
Picture 8 Lighting a special candle at the Baptism ceremony
Picture 9 Drawing patterns
Picture 10
Picture 11 Making Stars of David to hang up
Picture 12 Digging a hole for the tree was tricky