Our Christian Value for July is Justice


Welcome to Hedgehogs!

Welcome to Hedgehogs! 1

Hooray - Summer is coming! (We hope...)


This term the topic for Hedgehogs Class will be 'Victorians'.  We shall enjoy doing some independent research about areas of the topic that we are interested in.  We shall also be comparing Victorian life to modern life  - how are the clothes, houses, holidays, lifestyles different to ours?


In English lessons we will continue to develop our writing skills, looking particularly at descriptive writing and stories.  We shall be developing more adventurous vocabulary and start to use more complex sentence types.  We shall be applying the spelling rules and strategies we have already worked so hard on this year and making sure our punctuation is tip-top.


Our maths topics for this term are measurements, statistics, shape, position, direction and just a tiny bit more work on fractions for the year threes.


Science for year 2 children will focus on animals and plants and we are looking forward to a lovely trip to find out more about some animals.  The year 3s will continue their science lessons with Mrs Millward and will have some fun learning about states of matter and habitats which will fit in nicely with our trip too!


PE days will be a mixture of Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays but if sessions are missed due to bad weather we may switch days so please keep your kit in school all week.


We will work on our programming skills in computing, make lots of exciting things in art and DT and make sure we find the time to have lots and lots of fun.


Please remember that our door is always open and we are more than happy to discuss work or personal issues to make sure that your child has the best possible time at school.... there isn't much we can't help with unless we don't know about it.






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