Our Christian Value for September is 'Friendship'


The whole school took part in our end of year production - Hoodwinked. The main roles were performed by our year 6 pupils.
A fantastic production - well done everyone!
Picture 1 Robin and the evil Sherrif of Nottingham (Boo!)
Picture 2 Robin Hood and Maid Marion
Picture 3 Maid Marion's ladies
Picture 4 The greedy friars
Picture 5 Friar Tuck and two merry men
Picture 6 Little archers
Picture 7 Lumberjacks
Picture 8 Villagers
Picture 9 Minstrels and narrators
Picture 10 Robin's merry men
Picture 11 People at the archery competition
Picture 12 The Sherrif's guards
Picture 13 Two rich people
Picture 14 A good disguise!
Picture 15 The Sherrif's deputy
Picture 16 Woodland animals
Picture 17 Good King Richard
Picture 18 And they lived happily ever after! (Aahhh!)