Our Christian Value for September is 'Friendship'

Enterprise week

We had a great time learning about money during Enterprise week (please see latest news for more details). Here are some photos showing what we got up to.
Picture 1 Class 1 had to go shopping first
Picture 2 They mixed.......
Picture 3 .. and stirred.....
Picture 4 ... and cut out lots of biscuits to sell
Picture 5 Mrs Wells told class 2 about being an artist
Picture 6 Mr Bassett showed them real handcuffs!
Picture 7 Everyone in the class was a busy elf!
Picture 8 and beautiful Christmas tree decorations
Picture 9 Class 2's Christmas cards and gift tags....
Picture 10 Everyone made a different design
Picture 11 Class 4 carefully painted piggy banks
Picture 12 The grass heads were fun to make!
Picture 13 Class 4's stall at the Enterprise Fair
Picture 14 Class 3 made pot pouri bowls out of paper and glue
Picture 15 It was quite tricky getting the paper to stick!
Picture 16 The bowls were sprayed gold.
Picture 17 They rolled fir cones in glitter
Picture 18 Bill Wiggin told us all about his job as an MP.