Our Christian Value for February is Peacefulness

Downton Farm

We had a brilliant afternoon visiting the farm.  We saw lots of cows and calves.  We learned lots if interesting facts about cows and milk.
It was great!
Picture 1 The cows sleep in a big barn.
Picture 2 Mr Smith told us lots about the cows.
Picture 3 Cows have very long tongues.
Picture 4 Ellie made a friend!
Picture 5 This cow is having a calf in three weeks.
Picture 6 This is a bull.
Picture 7 This calf was very friendly.
Picture 8 This calf is one week old.
Picture 9 Cows eat a lot of food.
Picture 10 This cow is waiting to be milked.
Picture 11 We watched the cows being milked in the parlour.
Picture 12 The milk is stored in a big tank.